Using the Problem Sets on this Website

  • There is no one “right way” to do DDM.
  • These handouts are meant as a template. While these handouts might already be perfect for some classes, teachers should feel encouraged to make any changes they see fit to best meet the needs of their students. To facilitate this process, I have included all lessons on this website both in the form of word documents and PDFs.
  • Teachers are encouraged to work through these handouts before assigning them.
  • Ideally, most of class should be devoted to student work time. The goal is that students can work through these problem sets without having a lecture on the topic first. (But of course, teachers should feel encouraged to use the resources from this website in whatever way works best for their classes.)
  • The problems sets included on this website can be used either for individual or for group work. I usually have my students work in groups of 3-5 during class and then finish their assignments at home (usually working individually).
  • The topics covered on these handouts are typical of an Algebra 2 or a Pre-Calculus course.