Polynomial Unit

The problem sets for the polynomial unit are listed below. All files are included both as PDFs and Word documents. Please feel encouraged to modify these lessons to best serve the needs of your students. Enjoy!

Day 1: Arithmetic and Beginning Factoring  PDF || DOC

Days 2 and 3: Equation Solving and More Factoring  PDF || DOC

Day 4: Graphing  PDF || DOC

Day 5: Power Functions  PDF || DOC

Day 6: Long Division  PDF || DOC

Day 7: Sum and Difference of Cubes  PDF || DOC

Day 8: Factor and Remainder Theorems  PDF || DOC

Day 9: Finding Equations from Graphs  PDF || DOC

Day 10: Lagrange Interpolation  PDF || DOC

Day 11: More Factoring and Division  PDF || DOC