Circular Trig Unit

In this unit, we will introduce and explore circular trigonometry. (We use the term “circular trigonometry” to distinguish this unit from “right triangle trigonometry” which can only be applied to acute angles.)

Day 1: Introduction  PDF || DOC

Day 2: Special Angles with Circular Trig  PDF || DOC

Day 3: More Circular Trig  PDF || DOC

Day 4: The Pythagorean Identity and More Practice  PDF || DOC

Day 5: Trigonometric Identities  PDF || DOC

Day 6: Trigonometric Equations  PDF || DOC

Day 7: Applications of the Pythagorean Identity  PDF || DOC

Day 8: More Trig Equations  PDF || DOC

Day 9: Trig Table Problems  PDF || DOC

Circular Trig Review  PDF || DOC